Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday was slightly unusual

I went to church nervous. I had to set up and make a piece of equipment work that I don’t know, a telebalnce unit(it makes phone calls work through a sound desk)and I also had to do some acting.

Now the telebalnce unit was being a pain when I went early, it wouldn’t work, I had tested it Friday, but Sunday morning no joy. I prayed over it changed the fuse and it worked. It then turned off again!!!!! I changed the extension lead and it worked fine. Aimee was a star interviewing the Mission Kids and partners and that part of the service was excellent.

The other bit well. I don’t do "on the platform" at church. I stay behind the desk and do the sound and technical stuff. That is my gifting. So during the week my "Friend" Ed asked me if I would help out I said yes!!!
He asked if I would make him some pre-recorded news problem. Then a script arrives… I am playing Davina to Ed’s Edwina. So from not doing stuff upfront I am now playing a transvestite. Ho hummmmm no wonder I am scared!!! I think it went down well I wouldn’t say I enjoyed doing it, but I did have some fun. I did get a few comments all good, and one offer of a date.

I have pinched this off Aimee's blog.

After the service we went to The Vesey for a chat and drink, it was a really nice group last night, the time passed very quickly. It was really good to see Julia there my little Pixie friend. I may or may not post some more photo’s of Ju, she has also promised/threatend to start a blog Who knows I will look forward to reading it seeing the photo’s that appear on it.

Again it is Monday I have no plans for the working week I am all Gods.