Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So what’s been a happening?

Monday I took Heidi into Birmingham as she had a meeting, so I did a little window shopping (no not for windows) but for jeans, I couldn’t find any I like, then Heidi and I went and did a little shopping, by the time we had finished I was shattered.

Tuesday was a day I did some paper work and did some pricing for some work for Simon in Kenya, in the evening was a curry quiz night, a wonderful evening, Dr Spooner was amazing, I could listen to David talk all night, our team of 3 did the first 7 rounds then David joined us for the last 3 rounds we came 3rd...not bad as the teams that beat us had 6 and 8 in them.

Today I was at hospital getting seen by a consultant Dr Singh, I have to go back again in January. That’s about it really, bit boring but I guess that’s life.