Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have just read the latest post on Heidi's Blog and sat here in tears. I miss Matt and Chris so much. but it can't measure to how much Heidi must miss Matt or Steve Viv and Alan. In the weeks before Matt and Chris's accident I spoke to Matt a few times, not as much as usual as Matt was very busy with finishing off a couple projects. I only managed to speak to Chris a couple of times as well, my last convosation with Chris was about the service he had taken and I had made him a DVD he used for Allsorts (one of the small groups he started and had a massive heart for) and I also did the sound at that service. As usual he abused me and I abused him, he even mocked himself during that service about "What is normal" the daft bunny. Matt and I talked about some work he hoped he would get (in fact he would have got it) and how he would like to join the sound team recording the services. Matt had sat in one week when no one turned up and I had shown him what to do, he had really enjoyed it, then a few weeks later he sat in again but just as the service started the person turned up. Matt looked a little dissapointed. So we chatted and he was thinking of joining the team, this all happened a few just days before the accident. I flew out to Malta on the Thursday before and when I landed I had recieved a txt off Matt to ask for Prayer for the next day for the interview in Milton Keynes. I said a quick prayer then and there in the airport and txt'd back saying no worries and I would Pray. The last txt I got off Matt was to say the interview had gone really well and he was happy and everything was in God's hands. I have saved that txt on my phone and look at it often.
Alan and I do the sound together, and have a laugh, sometimes a little to loudly but it is hard not to laugh, when Mr Turnaround turns around for the 142nd time during the service (yes we did actually count during one service), OK sometimes we do force a cough to see if we can make him turn.... Or Baratone Boy sings so loudly we can't hear the mix properly. You do notice these things sat at the back in our raised sound booth though when we play spin on the chair it is all our own fault when we laugh to loudly.