Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday was slightly unusual; I had to pop up to Church to get a costume for Sunday Mmmmmm thanks Ed(wina) ....and no I won't wear what you picked out at the end.
I then had a call off the lovely Heidi to say she would like to pick me up!!!! Woooohooooo she drove me to Essen and then to hers, I changed some light bulbs and took up a threshold gripper rod. I then had to pop back to Church via Soundlogic to pick up a telebalance unit (it lets you put telephone calls through a mixing desk)..I got good old Taxi Heidi to take me and then home again as I needed some connectors from my studio. I then drove back to church and set it all up and tested it.
Shelagh went out to see Casino Royale last night I had a quiet night in with a few chocolates and my laptop.

Today we went into Birmingham along with everyone else in the world it felt like, we even bumped into Karen, Ed(wina), Shazney and Jonah (mmm thanks for the Donuts) we got a free Johnny Walker which was nice. The shops where just so full it was urghhh, anyhooo a nice quiet evening in with a coal fire a DVD and some nice snackz and then Church in the morning.