Friday, November 24, 2006

Grrr customers and cats

I had a job come in from London C Yesterday…it was one of those nightmare jobs that has to be cleared by committee, sweet joy. I did the job as per the script, sent it off, 30 mins later get a phone call, can I just change….of course, then they want the way something is said changed, so I rerecord a line, no worries. Then they want the ending completely different? The problem with committee’s deciding is everyone feels they have to add something or why are they there? Now I will do anything I am being paid to make an advert, I enjoy doing my job, I just get a frustrated when I have to change something because some person on a committee feels the need to say something to make themselves feel important. In the end what only took me an hour to make actually took up a whole day and some of this morning, and I still don’t know if the advert has been cleared?

Well I have heard that I need to re-record the advert today because there has been a change on the committee today and the new committee or someone new wants something different? It is now 12:15pm but no script has arrived here? Oh well I am sure it will be just fine and the Voice Overs will be available and I will have enough time to finsih the job before it is due on air.

Well I have completely re-recorded the advert and re-mixed it and sent it off, after I got a phone call chasing it up!!!! LOL such fun I have have. I still have no idea if the advert is cleared though, I guess I am the last to know.

STOP PRESSS at 17:22 the notice came that the advert has cleared!!

Oh dear that was another rant sorry .....

On a lighter note

I was woken in the night by a very cold cat wanting a warm arm to lie on, it went something like this:-

A cold wet nose rubbed on my cheek and woke me, I heard a loud purring and Angus chirp, he doesn’t meow much but does make some amazing noises. I then get a paw on my cheek, so I raise my arm out of the bed he purrs so loudly I though the neighbours would hear him, I put my arm on the duvet and Angus goes over to it and lies down and goes to sleep within 10 seconds, me I am left wide awake for a good hour!!!