Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday..Just what is the matter?

Well yesterday was a Sunday and I was on sound...something I really enjoy doing and it is a way I give to God. I hated yesterday!!! I went early to set up my Mini-disk player for some SFX for Pixie who was leading the morning service. (A fantastic job she did as well). At the start of the service Rev D did the notices... then into a Prayer, just as Rev D started the prayer the batteries went on my MD player, so the programming was lost and it fired off the first SFX!!! the got it wrong (uhhhurrrrr) from Family Fortunes. I managed to drop all the sound in less than a second, but not before I heard titters and Yankee Doodle's Boss came to see what had happened, with a good effort for the sfx in a prayer. I was then trying to re-sort all the desk and MD player and missed putting up Amy's and Mrs EB's mic's for a song during the offering even after both of them begged me not to do that, I felt so awful for letting them down.

Then as Pixie was leading all of a sudden the desk shorted (an on going problem) and her radio mic started to scream!!!! I was shaking and really upset by the end of the service, and that was only the morning service!!

In the evening after a hearty lunch and a glass or two of the red and a good snooze as Amy and Mrs EB watched the Muppets I felt readyish for the evenings onslaught. (Mrs EB was leading and I really hate anything going wrong when Mrs EB is leading) I double checked everything as we did the rehearsal, what could wrong? Well it was something not even I could have thought of, a CD decides to start where it wants halfway through a verse? I had queued at the start of track 6, it has always played where it is queued from, so why should it do anything different? Stupid me. Then Curly did the taping and the CD of the Sermon wouldn't finalize?

I have never been so glad to get to the Bishop on a Sunday, which again was a really nice time, a pleasant crowd and a good beer, the perfect way to finish off a weekend.
Ohhh weeeee roll on next Sunday I am doing the sound again!!!