Monday, November 13, 2006

Yesterday was one of those days !!!

I am having problems with my stomach and have been for many years, it decided on Friday to start playing up, but I carried on just making the odd pit stop along the way of the day. Saturday it was being a pain, but I lasted until we returned from Gloucester. Yesterday ( Saturday night Sunday morning) I was woken by cramps at various times throughout the night. I managed Church, enjoyed the sermons, Donald was amazing again. The evening spoke to me in a few ways, maybe more about that later?

We popped to the Bishop and had a wonderful time , it was a big turnout and they always make for a good laugh, though by the time we left I was in a bit of pain. We stopped off for some food, a Chinese to share. I know Chinese isn’t the best for a bad stomach…I don’t care, the food in the Bishop is at best reheated cardboard…

so I had Chinese. Unfortunately I didn’t really get much sleep as the cramps and pains thought they would talk to me through the night, this is when Cats come into their own, I got up to pay a visit at around 2am, both cats where asleep on the bed. Purring and snoring away, I get up and then comeback, cats have vanished? I get into bed, stick on some headphones listen to a bit of Sci-Fi on BBC7 Bammm Bammmm two cats land on my upset stomach from off the floor. Both meowing, purring and wanting fuss I am holding back the tears of pain as they are now trying to walk over Mrs EB and wake her. I get them off Mrs EB and near or on me and settled down and sleeping and yes I am up again…It was like a perpetual cycle last night, no wonder cats sleep all day.

Anyhooo that was yesterday, ….Today is a new day and the start of a new working week.

I have nothing in or planned for the week, so God I am all yours.