Thursday, November 16, 2006

I had one of those trips to the NEC yesterday…it was for a trade show for my job. Yes I do work sometimes. It was called SBES (sound broadcast equipment show I think) I set off about 10 am as it opened and got there for 10:30ish. Parking was £7 !!!! what a laugh they are having at my expense. The show was OK a little smaller every year I think, I bumped into a few old friends and had a chat. I even bagged a bargain, well it was to me I don’t think anyone else would want it (a BBC SFX CD collection)

Then onto Mrs Freelancenerds…yes for the delivery of the two sofas that she was in no way having as they are leather!!! They look fantastic in her living room. Mr Freelancenerd had moved the amp and speakers into the back room earlier in the year for his laptop and Mrs FN wasn’t too sure how to rewire it all back up…I guess if I couldn’t do it there would be a few big smacks.

I watched Torchwood last night ….this is a cracking show…full of SFX good scripts and dark humour with an adult theme, well done BBC I say.

A few of my top Albums

1. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
2. Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf
3. SGT Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band - The Beatles
4. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys
5. Simon and Garfunkel Live at Central Park
6. Devotion / Adoration The Newsboys
7. Live at Leeds – The Who
8. Graceland - Paul Simon
9. In my life – George Martin

To choose a top 10 albums is far to hard as I love music and my tastes change with my mood these are just albums that get played a heck of a lot here on my IPod.