Saturday, November 11, 2006


Yesterday was a fun day!! Well maybe not fun but interesting.
The morning was spent making an advert for The London Company that hire my talents, which was excellent, I then went to Church to Friday Diner, and had a baked spud for lunch, very tasty. It was so busy again, well done Cath and Aimee.
From there it was over to Coleshill to Cube to help Christian update his studio Mac. He has never updated any software in the 2 years he has had it!!! I did the Mac Opperating System (OSX) software first then Pro Tools, this was a little more complicated that written. The OSX software was 10.3.6 he had bought 10.4.6 and current is 10.4.8 but the Mac isn’t on the internet, so I used the studio pc and the interwebnetty thing to search for the latest update. I then installed this and proved it working. Then onto Pro Tools, from 6.4 to V 7.0 that he bought then download 7.1 and update then down load 7.1.cs10. That took a very good 3+ hours, once done Pro Tools worked but his £5000+ Studio desk didn’t!!! He was a little scared and so was I. 1st thing, turn it off, turn all the hardware off restart everything. Everything working but the desk. The desk talks to the software and the other hardware via Ethernet on the Mac and is very clever and a beautiful piece of kit. The next thing was check the hardware off the Mac,. Nope that looks fine. So being the anorak I am, I log into Google so I have my front page, there is a nerdlink to the Pro Tools Discussion website. I type the desk Control 24 and no Ethernet connection? The first page says try this ....I do and bam working like a dream.

So I go home and Mrs EB and I go to Star City and la Tasca for tea. All in all a enjoyable and busy day.
My favourite sweets

1. Flake
2. Cadburys Dairy Milk
3. Picnic
4. Starbar
5. Old Jamaica Chocolate Bar

Again these are in no particular order and if they where put in my hand I would relish anyone of them.

You will see no Nestle product is there, as I try never to buy or eat Nestle Products due to their baby milk sales in the 3rd world and unfair trading of coffee and cocoa beans, and no Galaxy chocolate as I think it tastes very slimey and awful.