Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's all your fault, again

Mmmm I get the blame for everything!!!
Yesterday Mrs Freelancenerd and I went sofa shopping. Actually Mrs FN went sofa shopping I was her chauffer. We went to a large independant local shop in Erdington and Mrs FN found a wonderful sofa. Now I am not one moan or say anything out of turn….but…on entering the said shop, Mrs Freelancenerd proclaims “I am looking for two sofa’s…Mrs Teapot has seen one in here and said I need to look at it”, we did, it was very nice, comfy and did the job it is supposed to do. OK I thought job done. Pahhhh things are never that easy are they? "Lets have a look around" Mrs FN said. Cool, no probs. We looked around I saw a nice leather sofa, we sat in it, I don’t want leather Mrs FN says..we get up and look around some more, Mrs FN finds the most comfy leather sofa ever.... we sit and my eyes start to droop, Mrs FN said “I really like this, it’s all your fault EB!!! I don’t want leather, but this is perfect”!!! Now being a married bloke I am used to being blamed for most things in life, but for making a sofa too comfy that is a first.

Top Foods (main course)

1. Balti (anysort) with Chilli and Garlic Nann
2. Chinese Curry and Fried Rice
3. Fajitas
4. "Blue" Fillet Steak
5. Rare Roast Lamb, mashed spuds peas and mint sauce
6. Rare Roast Peppered Beef, roasties, mashed spuds, yorkshire puds and peas
7. Lobster Thermidor
8. Fish and Chips from the chippy by the seaside
9. Dominoes Pizza (meaty one with chillies)
10. A Donner Kebab with loads of chillie sauce

Again in no preference or order it all depends on the mood I am in